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    As seen on the cover of the RSVP postcard view the full project on the right. On this project we replaced and installed TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® with Kynar on entire property. A full Tile roof replacement, this included a lift on entire roof, removing the old underlayment and replacing all rotten wood. All new underlayment with 40 lb UDL Malarkey. PSU 30 peel and stick all valley flashing and roof to wall. All new metal flashing chimney saddle and birdstop and edge metal. Reset Existing Tile Cement ridge and caps (50 year warranty) Window replacement. We also replaced the windows on the property with Anlin Coronado windows with a lifetime guarantee. 

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    BBB Accredited 100% Manufacturer backed warranty in writing.
    Licensed C-33 Painter No Proration
    Licensed C-39 Roofer Over 6,000 100% satisfied customers.
    One time fix. Owen's Corning Preferred Contractor
    Proven track record. Certified, licensed, bonded & insured
    Hands on service. GBC & our product manufacturers (TexCote, Owen's Corning, & Anlin) stand behind every aspect of your goods/services and install!
    Honored workmanship. Dedicated and qualified crews.
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    Emergency Roof Tarping Roof tarp cost can be applied to the cost of a new roof

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    GBC Remodeling, INC. is a Home Remodeling and Home Improvement Contractor in San Diego CA, Roofing, Windows and doors and Exteriors.

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    Reflect-Tec for Tile or Metal Roof Repair

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    The TEX•COTE® REFLECT-TEC® Heat-Reflective roof coating utilizes infrared heat-reflective technology and state of the art Kynar Aquatec® Fluorpolymer technology, under license from Arkema, Inc., to create a water-based field-applied coating with increased solar reflectance and resistance to dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants. This special formulation allows REFLECT-TEC® to reflect infrared heat back in to the atmosphere. Since the infrared portion of the light spectrum is invisible, REFLECT-TEC® can provide lower surface temperatures without changing color.

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