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GBC remodeling specializes in giving you a beautiful roof that will add curb appeal, and value to your house, with the best warranties in the industry. Whether you need a new tile roof/roof replacement, planned roof maintenance, or emergency roof repair. We have a tile roof expert for you. Need a free estimate? Call 858-519-1003 or send us a note at

GBC Remodeling offers one of the best warranties in the industry. We make it easy to learn about our roofing warranties, so you can find the best coverage option for your home.

Flat Roof Leaks

A flat roof leak is the most frequent and common issue with any type of flat roof it usually happens from water that puddles on the roof for more than 48 hours, a recent rain.

What will typically happen is water penetrates at the seams or the flashings, and is also known to come from the drains, chimneys, solar panel mounts, or skylights. It is rare to have a leak due to a puncture.

It is important to get a leaky flat roof addressed as soon as you notice it. If water gets under the membrane, and into the sheathing, then you will have a problem with mold and rot that will occur if you don’t address it. This happens especially when there is frequent rain storms which will lead to more damage to your roof.

flat roof and pitch installation

Why let GBC Repair or Replace your Roof?

Bonderized drip edge melted to the seam prevents any water leaks and ensures best quality

bondorized drip edge

We seal below the skylight with 3ply as well as above giving your roof max protection

flat roof construction

We use 3-Ply which is the industries best protected and best warranty

3 ply

Laying down the felt under the layer of rubber providing the highest quality insulation and leak protection

felt layer

Thickness of Fiberglass and Smooth Rubberized Torch Down  overlay (This is what sets GBC apart from other roofing contractors)


3 ply melted over the felt for maximum seal best protection and 50 year warranty.

final layer

Get the rubberized smooth second ply on our three ply system, this is the three ply system flashed against a roof to wall

Get the rubberized smooth second ply

Leading to the most durable and long lasting flat roof with the industries best warranty

Finished roof

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