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The Difference In Our Exterior House Remodel Services in San Diego, CA

Unlike other exterior remodeling companies, we offer a Lifetime Homeowner’s Warranty on the work we provide. We are a licensed C-33 Painting Contractor, and we are also an EPA Lead Free Certified Firm, which is an essential factor for our customers.

We are an Authorized Platinum Dealer in San Diego for the TEX-COTE® line of exterior coatings and paintings. Our products can even help in reducing your energy bills. We offer Coolwall coating and painting for all of our exterior renovations..

GBC Remodeling provides customers with financing options for their exterior home renovations, and we also provide a range of options and savings for our customers.

Call us at 858-223-1342 to book or book a free estimate online and receive 10% off.

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Exterior Coating San Diego

An Expert In Exterior Home Remodel Projects

At GBC Remodeling, we are experienced professionals in completing all aspects of your exterior home remodel project. Our team of licensed painting professionals, our ability to work on stone veneer and complete trim work makes us a top consideration for all San Diego, CA, exterior house renovations.

All of our exterior house remodel projects are carefully planned in advance. We consult with the homeowner and have a clear understanding of the changes that are desired and the look the homeowner wants to achieve. Our reputation for exterior home renovations, remodeling projects, and upgrades is well-known throughout San Diego, CA and the surrounding areas.

Platinum COOLWALL® Process


1. Inspection


2. Trenching

water blasting/ sand & scraping

3. Water Blasting/ Sand and Scraping


4. Repair/Patch


5. Masking

primer coat

6. Primer Coat

7. Coating Inspection

7. Coating Inspection






10. Clean-Up

Exterior Services

  • Coolwall Coating and Painting
  • Foundation Repair
  • Trim work
  • Stone Veneer
  • Stucco

Call 858-914-2043 and ask about our Lifetime Homeowner’s Warranty.

Introducing Tex-Cote® Reflect-Tec®

GBC is a proud authorized dealer of TEX•COTE® REFLECT-TEC®. REFLECT-TEC® Heat Reflective roof coating is warranted for a period of ten (10) years from the date of application against chipping, flaking or peeling from the surface to which it is applied. Let us show you what REFLECT-TEC® can do!

How does the COOLWALL® System compare to those coatings claiming to be “ceramic”?

The so called “ceramic” coatings actually are ordinary coatings that have had small ceramic spheres added. The premise sounds good, except that the science does not support the claims that are made. Even though these coatings may be applied heavier than ordinary paint, there simply is not enough thickness to effect insulation of any measure. These ceramic coatings have been debunked by the Department of Energy and the Federal Trade Commission and they do not increase reflectivity.

COOLWALL® System is designed to last a lifetime, and why every job comes with a limited lifetime warranty!


Gbc Remodeling Reviews

  • 5 star ratingTHESE GUYS ARE TRUE PROFESSSIONALS.the pro came out,looked at my entire house. Explained whatoptions were and what the cost would be. Discount 15% book online.I contacted a lot of stucco repairs and no one came close in professionalism and cost.

    Randall B. Avatar
    Randall B.
  • [ +5 STAR Review ]

    Here’s my story. GBC Remodeling replaced my concrete Driveway & Walkway, with Paver Style Bricking, adding a touch of elegance to my Mira Mesa home.

    Sales Representation; Work Crew Implementation; Final QA (by Owner) … Was on Point!!

    1st Day [ Demolition of old concrete ]
    2nd, 3rd, 4th Day [ Slammed it! ]
    5th Day [ Finalized touch-ups ]
    6th Day [QA walk-thru via Owner ]

    Special Appreciation shout-out to:
    Aaron (CEO)
    Steve (Sales)
    Oscar (Project)

    Only down-side was a few days inconvenience of street parking, but that quickly subsided, since now I’m able to park an additional vehicle in my driveway. BAM! Well done GBC Remodeling !!

    Would recommend definitively!

    Lt T Avatar
    Lt T
  • 5 star ratingOutstanding final results in all respects. Their superb crew, led by Alex, repaired and repainted cracked stucco, water damaged concrete and dry rotted wood, significantly improving the external integrity and appearance of our house. The team provided multiple on-surface samples as we tried to determine the best color combinations and the main house color turned out an exact match to our previous color! Paint coverage was even and thorough around the entire property. We can't say enough good things about Alex and his on-site crew: they were extremely diligent and very skilled at masking, wide area spraying and precision brushwork. They were dedicated to our job site each working day until the job was complete, and their daily and final clean-up were excellent. Our whole house (remodeled 20 years ago), and our garage (built 40 years ago) now look brand new!

    Baron A. Avatar
    Baron A.
  • My wife and I had great experiences with Aaron and Steven at GBC! They did 6 massive windows at our house in Pacific Beach. We found their prices to be reasonable and most of all their installers, Steven and his team were awesome. Good communication about when they would come out, clean work and just over all nice people. Definitely our go-to for windows.

    Craig Hothem Avatar
    Craig Hothem
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    Adam A. Avatar
    Adam A.

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