What is Coolwall?

If you’ve been looking for an exterior painting solution that will give your house a vibrant color and take the stress of repainting off you for… well, a lifetime, look no further. Coolwall exterior coating systems is all the solution you need.

Coolwall is a revolutionary concept in exterior wall coating that is specially formulated to reflect the sun’s heat and help to lower exterior wall surface temperatures by as much as 40%. It is, on average, ten times thicker than regular paint and contains infrared heat reflective pigments.

At GBC remodeling, we are an Authorized Platinum Dealer in San Diego for the TEX-COTE® line of exterior coatings and paintings, of which Coolwall is one. In addition to the excellent service you enjoy when you contract our services, we provide you with options for your exterior home renovations. This way, you are educated on different financing options and can save on your home renovation costs.

Coolwall vs. traditional exterior paint

Traditional exterior paint is typically about 75% water and 25% paint and latex. Coolwall, on the other hand, is 75% materials and 25% water. In addition, the materials that go into Coolwall are environmentally approved, such as titanium, hydrophobic pigments, and resins. These materials work together to give Coolwall the remarkable properties that it has.

Traditional exterior paint fades with time and needs constant retouching at least once every three to five years. Coolwall, on the other hand, has no such need, as it has fade block protection that keeps its colors vibrant for a lifetime.

Most traditional exterior paints absorb moisture, which gets trapped in walls and leads to several problems that a homeowner has to deal with. Coolwall keeps the exterior wall of your house protected from these problems, including water, sunlight, wind, and other elemental threats.

How does Coolwall work?

Coolwall exterior coating systems use the same heat-reflective technology that the military uses to reduce the heat signature on their planes and vehicles. It reflects solar heat by changing the invisible portion of the light spectrum. Thus, it reflects heat without changing color.

So there’s a bit of technicality here, but don’t get cross-eyed. We’ll keep things as simple as possible.

Light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and it comes in two major ways – the visible and the invisible. As the name implies, the visible is that which we can see unaided, and we see them at wavelengths of 380 to 700 nanometers. The invisible part of the spectrum is made up of other forms of light, such as radio, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma-ray – all of which are invisible.

Traditional exterior paints typically absorb these invisible parts, but Coolwall reflects them and changes them. This is the reason for Coolwall’s ability to keep your house cooler than traditional exterior paints and maintain its colour for a pretty long time.

Benefits of using Coolwall

Coolwall has several benefits, all of which work together to make the product a tremendous long-term investment in your home. Additionally, it makes back the money you spend on getting it by helping you save costs on many other things.

  • Saves energy

Coolwall is a heat reflective product, so it helps you bring down your energy cost, especially during summer. It is common for traditional exterior paints to absorb the sun’s heat and radiation by up to 90% during summer.

The result of this is that heat becomes trapped in your home, necessitating you having to run your air conditioner at cooler temperatures and for longer hours. The resultant massive power bill is a punch you will have no choice but to take on the chin. But, of course, you probably take the punch, consoling yourself with the thought that it is worth it to avoid having to visit the E.R because of heatstroke.

Thankfully, Coolwall does not absorb heat – at all. Instead, it reflects the heat, helping your house to remain relatively cooler, and significantly reducing the amount of energy you would have spent cooling down your home. So you get the results for which you were getting sucker-punched by power companies but without the sucker punch. Isn’t that cool? (Pun intended)

  • Fade block protection

Coolwall is a fade blocking product that maintains the same shade, tone, and contrast as the first day your house was painted. So your house will keep looking like a freshly painted house 10, 15, and even 20 years down the line.

  • Cost-saving

Coolwall helps you to save costs on your power bill. The Department of Energy estimates that Coolwall saves energy costs by as much as 21.9%. This percentage depends on geographic location, climate, color, etc.

In addition to saving costs on the power bill, you also save maintenance and/or repair costs for your house’s exterior paint. You do not need to consistently repaint your house, as Coolwall does not fade, neither does it chip or flake. The product is an excellent long-term investment in the exterior coating of your home, as it also comes with a fantastic lifetime warranty.

  • Water-resistant

Coolwall is water-resistant, so it does not absorb any moisture. This product feature also doubles as a cost-saver because by being water-resistant, Coolwall also spares you the headache of dealing with mold, moisture, mildew, or deteriorating walls.

  • Breathability

Standard latex paints not only hold water but also trap air, making it difficult for the walls to breathe. Coolwall, however, is a breathable or semi-permeable membrane that allows air to escape from the house’s interior, making it possible for the house to breathe. But, of course, while it will enable air to pass from the interior to the outside, it allows nothing to pass from outside into the walls.

  • Extremely malleable

The amazing flexibility of Coolwall means that even when the house experiences shifting due to environmental factors, the paint remains intact, such that there is no settling or cracking.

  • Very versatile

Coolwall comes in smooth and textured finishes and can be used for different siding materials. You can apply it for Stucco, T111, Hardie siding, even metal! Yes, you read that right. You can apply Coolwall on your metal roof to prevent fading and keep it in a nice, reflective, vibrant color. However, Coolwall’s versatility encompasses more than walls and roofs. You can apply it on your walkways, decking, and other areas of the house you will like to keep cool, such as your poolside. With this, you get the added benefit of keeping your kids from burning their feet when it gets scorching.

  • Fire-resistant

Coolwall is a fire A-rated product that buys you an edge and a truckload of peace of mind when it comes to preventing fires.

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