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A leading remodeling company in San Diego has launched an important campaign to help people avoid being scammed. After recent news that a Chula Vista man who cheated at least five San Diego County residents – three of them elderly – out of thousands of dollars in a remodeling scam, GBC Remodeling Inc. has warned that residents in San Diego should only employ licensed contractors.

The San Diego remodeling company was shocked but not surprised at the news that people in San Diego were conned out of thousands of dollars by a scam artist. GBC Remodeling, who believes the sentence of a year in jail and five years-probation does not send a clear message wants residents in San Diego to understand what to look out for.

The company that is licensed and who offer free quotations and guarantee their work has put together some tips to spot a scam unlicensed contractor.

1. Unlicensed contractors go door to door and claim “they have just finished a job down the street.”

2. They may try and convince you to use their service by claiming they can offer a big discount if you have the work done now.

3. Unlicensed contractors don’t display construction permits or they will ask you to do it for them. If a resident in San Diego does, then they are assuming liability for the project and their mistakes.

4. Always check the contractor’s license number to make sure it is not a fake number.

5. If a person claiming to be a licensed contractor cannot offer a work address then don’t use their service.

6. A lot of Unlicensed contractors ask for a lot of money upfront.

7. Unlicensed contractors will not provide you with a legal contract

“When looking to have work done on the home it is important to research the company you wish to use. Make sure that they are licensed. When the contractors come to your property then ask to see their paper license,” explained a spokesman for GBC Remodeling Inc.

GBC Remodeling Inc. who has become one of the most recommended in their field hopes these tips will help residents in San Diego avoid being scammed by unlicensed contractors.

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