GBC Remodeling adds a new member to the team!

GBC Remodeling is pleased to announce the addition of a new team member. We welcome James Browne on board as the new Marketing Manager!

James Browne will be responsible for all Digital Marketing efforts here at GBC Remodeling INC. taking care of the successful planning, initiation and execution of digital marketing projects. We are excited to have James as a new member and felt he was the perfect piece to match our team.

ABOUT GBC Remodeling INC.

By working with the remodeling experts at GBC Remodeling, Inc., there is no need to work with different stucco, exterior coating, window replacement , and roofing companies; we can coordinate the entire project. Not only does this mean you are working with one trusted service provider, but it also allows us to streamline the remodeling and to work within your budget.

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