How the Corona Virus is affecting the Remodeling Industry in California

With the first confirmed case of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) reaching California in the end of January. The death tole as of this morning has now risen to 11 in California alone.

With a total death of 7,950 World Wide as of today.

How is the Corona Virus Crisis Remodeling Industries in California?

So far, the supply chain has not been affected. But as more lock downs are becoming mandatory across California there are concerns that if the outbreak continues at this rate, we will see complications in getting access to supplies and suppliers.

There are also serious implications that the corona virus will create workforce issues for both the supplier industry and the remodeling and construction companies themselves.

With Restaurants and bars being closed in San Diego as of 3/16/20, we are now starting to see a rise in people worried about being laid off or out of work for the next 8 weeks to possibly months.

How to prepare yourself if you work in the Remodeling/Construction industry

1. Amending Sick- Leave policies and encouraging work-from-home for all employees who can be productive working off-site.

2. Communicating effectively with current customer projects any potential delays, or product stoppage due to corona virus related issues.

3. Customers not repairing their homes because they are worried about job lay offs and how long this pandemic will last.

4. Take care by washing your hands and practicing clean workplace practices.

5. Work form home is possible.