Paint vs Tex-Cote – What’s the Best Choice for Your Home Exterior

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Paint vs Tex-Cote® – What’s the Best Choice for Your Home Exterior When it comes to making a decision on the best coating for your home exterior, you’ll likely find yourself torn between two options – paint vs Tex-Cote. But deciding which one to pick will depend on several considerations you have to keep

Why TEX-COTE® is more superior to Painting your house.

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Why TEX-COTE® is more superior to Painting your house. When making big decisions on exterior home remodeling no one understands better than GBC Remodeling. This article is going to cover the pro’s and cons of using COOLWALL TEX-COTE® technology on your house vs using standard paint, and why we believe in our experience COOLWALL coating

Corona Virus Affecting the Remodeling Industry

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How the Corona Virus is affecting the Remodeling Industry in California With the first confirmed case of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) reaching California in the end of January. The death tole as of this morning has now risen to 11 in California alone. With a total death of 7,950

GBC Remodeling adds new member to the team!

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GBC Remodeling adds a new member to the team! GBC Remodeling is pleased to announce the addition of a new team member. We welcome James Browne on board as the new Marketing Manager!James Browne will be responsible for all Digital Marketing efforts here at GBC Remodeling INC. taking care of the

Knowing when its time to have your Roof Replaced

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When is it time to have my roof replaced? Most homeowners and commercial property owners in San Diego, CA, area give little thought to the condition of their roof until there is a problem. Over time, and with exposure to heat, wind, and rain, shingles can break down, leaks can occur, and damage can

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